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News title:  mcMMO updated
Posted:  20120722 23:09 by orgin

I've updated mcMMO to 1.3.09-b945

Read more for details ...

Version 1.3.09

+ Added compatibility with AntiCheat (Which I highly recommend to prevent cheating)
+ Added several permission nodes to give individual users special perks (Double/Triple/Quadruple XP)
+ Added reduced cooldown permission nodes as special perks (1/4, 1/3, 1/2 cooldown)
+ Added increased activation time permissions nodes as special perks (+4, +8, and +12 seconds)
+ Added API for plugins to add custom tools directly via Spout - repair / abilities do not work ATM
+ Added offline party members to the list displayed by /party
+ Added possibility to kick offline members from parties
= Fixed bug that would cause a NPE for players that had no parties
= Fixed Vampirism not notifying the correct amount of stolen levels
= Fixed bug with Acrobatics not saving you from deadly falls
= Fixed /mcremove being applied only after a reload
= Fixed Archery PVE disablement not working properly
= Fixed possible NPE when a projectile is shot by a dispenser or doesn't have any shooter
= Fixed issue with NoCheatPlus and Serrated Strikes / Skull Splitter (fight.noswing)
= Fixed tiny memory leak concerning Archery
= Fixed bug where you could receive Archery XP from Potions
= Fixed bug where Chunklets for the < 64 y coordinates would not be properly loaded
= Fixed exploit with block duplication via piston pushing
= Fixed bug with falling sand/gravel not being tracked
= Fixed bug with Tree Feller not working with custom axes
= Fixed bug with locale strings when trying to teleport to a non-existent player
= Fixed bug with Tree Feller changing durability before checking for axe splintering
= Fixed bug with Repair Mastery permission due to typo
= Fixed bug with repairing items that use metadata
= Fixed bug with Chunklets not being reloaded on /reload
= Fixed possible NPE when falling with no item in hand
! API methods can now only be used in a static way
! Arrows shot from a bow having the Infinity enchantment can no longer be retrieved
! Arrows that aren't shot by an entity are now able to be dodged (currently only from dispensers)
! Changed Spout settings to be in their own config file (spout.yml)
! Changed file format for parties (parties.yml), previous files are no longer used
! Changed mcMMO to inform on corrupt Chunklets and make new ones