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News title:  New module!
Posted:  20120802 12:40 by orgin

I've written a new module called "WhatisDB". This module lets moderators and admins to store helpful information in a database that users can recall when they need it.

Click "read more" for more information.

Command list for users:

 /whatis <-p> [name]
   - Shows the description for [name]. Use the optional -p flag to show the message to everyone.

   - Shows the number of stored entries in the database.

 /whowhatis [name]
   - Shows who set or last updated the description and when.

 /whatis orgin
 orgin = Your malvolent benefactor.

If you want to set a whatis entry then contact a guardian or knight.

Guardians and knights can find their commands in the help system using /help WhatisDB