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Updated to 1.9.2Posted by orgin at 20160331 13:39
All major plugins have been updated to 1.9 so finally I was able to update to craftbukkit 1.9.2.

DynMap-Worldguard isn't updated to 1.9 yet afaik so we'll have to live without that for a while.
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Network problems/lagPosted by orgin at 20150808 19:01
The server has been very slow the last few days. This is due to network problems at the server provider.

Hopefully they will be able to sort things out shortly.

UPDATE 2015-08-11: The network issues are resolved now.
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New mcMMO top list on stat pagePosted by orgin at 20150611 13:47
I've added an interactive top list on the statistics page for reviewing the mcMMO stats of all players.
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Stats page fixedPosted by orgin at 20150610 10:33
The stat page has been updated to handle UUID's as well as changes to mcmmo and essentials.
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Vote for the serverPosted by orgin at 20130425 16:59
If you want to help make the server more popular, or just to get free in game money, you can now vote for the server.

Check the Vote page for more information.
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New shop areasPosted by orgin at 20130128 09:11
The desert island has been rebuilt and a new cactus shop has been added.

In the spawn docks you can find a warp to the mushroom island where you can buy mushrooms.
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Player marketPosted by orgin at 20130128 09:09
At your left in the spawn building you can find a warp to the player market. Here you can buy and sell items from other players using essentials trade signs.

Contact an admin or knight to get your own booth in the market.

Also read This page for instructions on how to create trade signs.
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New challenges area!Posted by orgin at 20130128 09:08
On the docks in spawn you will now find a warp to "challengeisland". Right click it to teleport to a new area where you can participate in several challenges like mazes and jump challenges. You'll find useful loot in all challenges.

Loot chests are personal and will reset in different time intervals, from a few days and up to a week. This means that you can come back and reloot.
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The /back command on death disabledPosted by orgin at 20130128 09:04
The /back command on death has been disabled. This means that you must be more careful with your stuff.

The /back command made things too easy on the challenge island where you could just do /back if you died. I've yet to find a plugin that can block the /back command in specified areas so /back will be disabled from now on.
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Updated to 1.4.6Posted by orgin at 20121222 15:17
I've updated the server to 1.4.6. Bukkit is still in beta and some of the major plugins are only available as developer releases so do expect bugs, especially when it comes to pure 1.4.6 content.

Please report any bugs you find.
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