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Want to be in creative mode?Posted by orgin at 20121205 10:02
Well now you can. Just find the "creative" warp in the spawn park area. Warp away and get creative :)
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1.4.5Posted by orgin at 20121119 12:44
I've upgraded to bukkit 1.4.5 so that people with the latest minecraft client can connect. I'm using the latest beta release of bukkit so as always you might experience a bug here and there.

Also I've updated to the latest hothgenerator plugin (1.3) which changes the way plants grow and prevents slime from spawning above the stone layer.
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1.4.2 and morePosted by orgin at 20121106 09:45
I've now upgraded the server to a beta of 1.4.2. It seems stable enough but don't be surprised if there's some bug here and there.

There's also a completely new ice world that uses my own world generator. You can find a warp to it in spawn.
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Essentials problemPosted by orgin at 20121010 11:07
The Essentials plugin added a "EssentialsAntiBuild.jar" part that prevented normal users from building. I have now removed that and everything should be back to normal.

Thumbs down to the Essentials team for adding this without blocking it in the default setting.
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Colonists!Posted by orgin at 20120906 10:10
Colony owners now have their own title "Colonist" and they have access to commands that let them add and remove players to/from their colony.

See the Colony Owners page for more information.
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Lootable mazes!Posted by orgin at 20120830 09:11
There's now two mazes you can jump into for lootable chests.

You can find them on the challenge wall in the spawn castle. (Not the spawn tower)

Thanks to purplehipp and jasper1412 for creating the mazes!
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Loot!Posted by orgin at 20120815 11:54
The server can now generate loot in chests. Due to this the Stronghold has been remade with tons of chests that restock once every hour.

This means that you can come back to the Stronghold and loot it over and over again!
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Bank?Posted by orgin at 20120809 11:18
I've added a bank in the spawn area containing a nether chest. Good place to keep you valuables.
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New pure survival world added.Posted by orgin at 20120809 11:16
I've added a pure survival world with it's own Nether and End to the server.

With the exception of the immediate spawn area nothing in it is or will be protected. This is pure survival with separate inventories from the normal worlds.

Use the warp sign in spawn to get to it.
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Grr friggin log placement!Posted by orgin at 20120807 12:15
Do you hate the way logs are placed in 1.3.1?

Worry not, I've added a new command that lets you select how logs are placed.

Click Read more for details.
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