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Updated to 1.3.1Posted by orgin at 20120803 12:34
You can now connect with 1.3.1 clients!

I've installed a dev release for bukkit 1.3.1. And it seems to run okey. Be aware that there might be bugs until bukkit releases a recommended build.
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New module!Posted by orgin at 20120802 12:40
I've written a new module called "WhatisDB". This module lets moderators and admins to store helpful information in a database that users can recall when they need it.

Click "read more" for more information.
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Bukkit updatedPosted by orgin at 20120728 20:05
I've updated bukkit to 1.2.5-5.0.


NOTICE! Don't update your minecraft clients to 1.3 for now. I will not go to 1.3 before bukkit and the major plugins are updated for it. It will probably take some time for the bukkit team to update their software. So just hang tight until they do
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Enabled trade signs for normal usersPosted by orgin at 20120723 08:27
I've enabled trade signs for normal users. This means that you can now buy and sell items to other players using special signs.

You can find a guide on how to create your signs here
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mcMMO updatedPosted by orgin at 20120722 23:09
I've updated mcMMO to 1.3.09-b945

Read more for details ...
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