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Colony rules

- Colonies must be at least 1000 blocks from spawn.
- Only one colony per user.
- Colonies can be huge. But generally try to keep it below 200*200.
- All colony regions must be named colony_username.
- A colony can be placed in the normal world and in the nether.
- Colonies in the end is not permitted since it can be wiped at any time.
- Colonies in the extra worlds is permitted (Except in the survival worlds). See extra rules for this further down.
- Other users can be added as members to a colony upon the request of the colony owner.
- Only one player must be the owner of a colony
- Other users can own a plot inside a colony

How to set up a colony

(replace username with the name of the user)

First select the area using your wooden axe., Then use these commands when setting up a colony:

 //expand vert
 /region define colony_username
 /region addowner colony_username username
 /region flag colony_username pvp deny
 /region flag colony_username tnt deny
 /region flag colony_username creeper-explosion deny
 /region flag colony_username greeting Welcome to username's colony!
 /region flag colony_username farewell Wild

And set up the colony chest somewhere in the new colony:
 //schematic load colonychest

Also set a warp point to the colony:

 /setwarp username

And move the user into the Colonist group:

 /permissions player setgroup <username> colonist

And then add a warp sign to the colony on the colony warp wall outside spawn.

Setting up a colony plot

Users can have plots (noble plots) in the colony of other players. A user can have more than one plot, in several colonies.

Replace username with the user name of the plot owner.
Replace colonyusername with the user name of the colony owner.

If the user has more than one plot in the same colony. Add a number after the region name.

First select the region with your wooden axe.

 //expand vert
 /region define plot_colonyusername_username
 /region addowner plot_colonyusername_username username
 /region setpriority plot_colonyusername_username 80
 /region flag plot_colonyusername_username pvp deny
 /region flag plot_colonyusername_username tnt deny
 /region flag plot_colonyusername_username creeper-explosion deny
 /region flag plot_colonyusername_username greeting Welcome to username's plot!

Setting up colonies in other worlds

Warning! Creating colonies in the survival worlds is not allowed!

Colonies can be set up in the non standard worlds (like FlatLand and Void). But there they will have a separate naming scheme.

For FlatLand, use "flat_" as prefix for the region and colony warp.
For the Void, use "void_" as prefix fot the region and colony warp.

If the warp name becomes too long, try shorten the username.


 /region define flat_colony_orgin"
 /setwarp flat_orgin

The farewell message of a colony in flatland must be "FlatWild".
The farewell message of a colony in the void must be "Void".