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Admin rules


Admining on this server is generally relaxed. Giving out the occational free item, healing, building houses or doing world edits for regular users is allowed, just don't go overboard with it or give specific users huge unbalanced benefits.

- Do not spawn the enderdragon anywhere but in the end.
- Only one enderdragon may exists at one time.
- Do not spawn more than one enderdragon per day.

Custom signs

- Do not give people "free" item-type signs.
- It's okey to create the occational warp sign for users though NOT to the end.
- Do not create trade or enchants signs without asking the server owner.

Survival worlds
- Do not create regions in the survival worlds.
- Do not create any kind of special signs in the survival worlds.
- Do not create warps in the survival worlds.
- Do not use creative to build things in the survival worlds.
- Do not hand out free items in the survival worlds.